ZZ Pick Holder

Tue, May 15, 2012 at 9:24 PM By: Craigo

Hey all again, My teenage son got bored last week. He went down to my shed for a couple of hours. On return: Craigo gains a one of a kind ZZ guitar pick holder!!!!

I've changed my avatar to show it.

What do you all think!!

Cheers from down under. Craigo :)

  1. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    Can I get a Amen !
    p.s. I like the woody wagon and the surf board Cheers mate!!!

  2. Spiderman962 avatar

    I can only share one word...


  3. Craigo avatar

    Not really much more to tell about the pick collection. It kind of just evolved!!! Started off by buying a few for each of my boys as a surprise gift, (One loves Kiss and the other loved Motley Crue). I then kinda thought "Why should the boys have all the fun!!!" I currently have about 40, mostly from Ebay. I did however catch 2 at a recent Black Label Society show, and got 1 at Brian Setzer last month. Trying to work out a good way to display them all. Anyone got any ideas??

    Cheers from Down Under. Craigo.

  4. senor_volto avatar

    Hi Craigo-

    You're a lucky guy. It seems like your son likes ZZ as much as you do! Tell us more about the pick collection!

    Sr. Volto

  5. Kennith avatar


  6. TWINREBZZ avatar

    Wow Craigo! He is very talented. Sharp!!!!

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