Favourite Album.

Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 7:15 PM By: Craigo

Hey Gang, There's been a bit of a trend of late with bands playing classic albums live, Track by track, start to finish. Which ZZ album would you love to hear completely??
Me??? Would love to hear Tres Hombres completely. I realise some tracks off this album are a staple for the live shows, but I'd still love to hear the whole thing!!!

Anyone else got any ideas??? Or any other favourites by other artists??

Cheers from down under Craigo.

  1. SandraGroves avatar

    Mescalero, Antenna Head and every other thing the guys are a part of!

  2. Eating Tipi avatar

    Hi my FAVORITE album is the humangus TREES HOMBREES EVERY SONG ROCKS!!!
    HAVe a GOOD ONE from Eating Tipi/ Mr Tommy Pettersson from sweden

  3. Stagholee avatar

    ou should want to meet Tres Hombres too har har. Give a listen to Dude looks like a lady by Aerosmith also.

  4. Sambocus avatar

    I'm thinking I'd like to be present to hear a live performance of ZZ Top's First Album, Rio Grande Mud, Tres Hombres, Fandango!, Tejas, Deguello, El Loco, Eliminator, Afterburner, Recycler, Antenna, Rhythmeen, XXX, Mescalero, and La Futura... \m/

    Aside from that, I would love to hear Dark Side of The Moon performed by all remaining original members of Pink Floyd.

  5. jankku72 avatar

    Fandango hit the vinyl record player like a two years, but every one else just pumped arourn a while!

  6. jankku72 avatar

    Late 80´s First, Rio grande and Tres hombres!

  7. jankku72 avatar

    In my early days Eliminator and Afterburner!

  8. jankku72 avatar

    Or Recycler!???

  9. jankku72 avatar

    Just now Rhythmeen!!!

  10. jankku72 avatar

    At the time Antenna!

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