How many times have you seen ZZ Top in concert? And, what was the best show?

Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 9:52 PM By: ZZdman

13 times, but since moving to New England (hate it), it's been 14 years. Can't wait to see them in Boston or Manchester. Just hoping I can score some decent seats. Best band ever live...

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    Jealous that they are going to be in Manchester to open up. I live in Las Vegas, NV would love to see them if they come here to Vegas in the future. I used to live in Mass. 22 yrs ago. Hated the weather their but love the weather even better out here in Vegas.

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    Only twice. First in 1987. Big arena, 30,000 people. Second time last year. Small place, about 3000 people. Loved both shows!!!

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    13 for me also. I cant be stuck on unlucky 13 so I will be attending the Nashville show on 6/20. My favorite show of all time was on October 16, 2011 when Billy brought my twin sons (age 10) up on stage during the show. I haven't slept since. My second favorite show was the Orpheum Theater show in Memphis during the Continental Safari Tour. Great venue and they sounded so good in there that night.

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