ZZ-Top to Thrill Blinded Vets @ 67th Nat'l Convention Aug 20-23 Galveston Resort & Convention Center

Thu, May 10, 2012 at 12:44 PM By: livinglargeNtexas

It is my hope that this blog reaches those who are ZZ Tops publicists, management company etc...

History:: Blinded Veterans Association (founded in 1945) is one of only 10 Congressionally Chartered Veteran Service Organizations in the USA. We are currently over booking hotels (Hilton Resort, etc) all along the Seawall in Galveston already and anticipate over 400+ blinded and visually impaired vets in attendance Aug 20-23 from all over America as well as the UK.

Request::We have the entire Galveston Resort and Convention Center at our disposal. This huge Convention Center will hold thousands of fans for ZZ-Top and it is our hope, that they can take the time to put on a show that can be/will be open to the public with proceeds going to the Blinded Veterans Association's Field Service Program. (See www.bva.org for more info). We would love a simple private show for our blinded vets, but a full blown concert would rock the island.

How to reach Dusty and the guys? I have no clue. What I DO know os that ZZ-Top IS TEXAS personified. Our veterans are coming from all over the world for this convention, not expecting any special entertainment, they just want to come to Texas. We would love for our blinded veterans to HEAR the band playing for them. Most all of ourr vets are Vietnam Vets who know the band well. Time has lost us many WWII and Korean vets.

Should this blog reach anyone that can assist in this wish becoming a reality, please contact me at annetteyoung1@windstream.net. I'll then give a phone number and discussions can ensue about the "possibilities".

Since this is my first "blog" I have no idea where it ends up, who sees it or if I am lost in cyberspace. But I will not give up on the possibility of a show by the boys. Even though the Balinese is no longer there, the song remains the same about Galveston. Please pass this along to Dusty and the guys.

Gods Blessings to all,
Texan Hugs,
Annette Young

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