Damn Collectors!

Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 8:14 PM By: lesgoldtop57

Looked on E-Bay today, found that they had one of the new "Pearly Gates" Signature Les Paul guitars on there. SOB's had it listed...for $40K!!!!! WTF?!?!?!
Boy, I would dearly LOVE to play one of those guitars, but I wouldn't pay THAT much if I had BFG's bank!!!
Man, that realy torques me off!! The damn collectors, Jay Leno clones that would have to PAY someone to re-build a darn holley double pumper for 'em, (if they could even identify the damn thing as a double pumper in the first place), have already driven the origional steel bodied hot rods out of the reach of the (US!) real hot rodders, (try n buy a '55 Chevy these days!), and now they are doing the same thing to the great freakin guitars that REAL GUITARISTS love to play!!
Hell, if I had to BUY the guitar that I am holding in my hands TODAY, I couldn't afford her, I would just miss out, and some rich prick would have her in some climate controlled room, never knowing what a perfect joy she is to play, as well as listen to.
Man, back in the day BFG bought Miss Pearly Gates for what? $250? If they would have had guitar collectors and speculators back then, he probably could have never afforded her, and found that magical tone that we all love so much now. Try to imagine that!!!
So...in the conclusion of my rant...to hell with all you hot rod and guitar collectors and speculators, I'm gonna play the hell out of, sweat on, and generally "love on" my classic Les Paul, a '57 Goldtop called "Miss Tatiana" ya'll can put what's left of her in a museum when they put me in a pine box! Rock On!

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