Jerimiah Weed Singing Backwards?

Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 1:48 PM By: mudsharkable

I've been tracking down the microphone used in the Jerimiah Weed commercial and I pretty confident that it's a Heil "The Fin" microphone but one thing about that video hits me as a little strange... Billy and Dusty are singing into the back of the mic! They have the mic screwed on the stand backwards. Now, I don't know if the video director thought that the mic looked cooler mounted that way or what. Basically with a dynamic microphone, even omnidirectional ones which the Heil The Fin is, you don't get any sound yelling at the back side of the mic because the single diaphram faces the front, or as is in the case of this video, the back... so what's up with that... I fully realize that they are not really singing in the video but are instead lip-syncing to the studio recording. I love finding small detail logical flaws in videos and movies that most people just gloss over.

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    Just a follow on comment...

    ZZTop uses Telefunken M80 microphones for their live performances, check it out here:

    The Heil "The Fin" used in the Jerimiah Weed commercial is just a prop as used in this video:

    -- MUD

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